Smart Maintenance

Maintenance platform for industrial equipment with artificial intelligence.

Equipment knowledge base

Asset management and maintenance plans

Monitoring and advanced analytics

Solution for SMEs, especially in the energy sector

We specialize in providing services to industrial maintenance companies, after sales service, factories, operators and industrial plants related to the oil, gas, power generation and transformation (refineries and petrochemicals). We have over 35 years of experience in our team serving the needs of this business.

Manage assets and increase operability

Generate a database with all the properties and categories necessary to organize your assets, have a map or due of your equipment and with control tools for your management increases the operation of your business.

Design optimized maintenance plans

ENOVUZ integrates all the information for the management of maintenance in a cloud platform that allows to generate dynamic structures that adapt to a wide variety of equipment and build optimized maintenance plans in each case.

Build analytics with the help of artificial intelligence

Generate high value knowledge for the maintenance management of your assets with the use of artificial intelligence structures in the construction of advanced analytics and automatic alerts.

Real-time monitoring of computers using the internet of things

Our platform has the ability to build control Dashboars with real-time computer monitoring data (temperature, pressure, flow, levels, others) for analysis and maintenance management considerations.

A practical user experience

The ENOVUZ software platform is designed with the best practices of web application development and integrates the best technologies so that its use is simple for our clients, including artificial intelligence structures to automate processes.


Service and maintenance companies

Reinvent your company using the ENOVUZ platform as the main operational management and maintenance service control system, generating added value to your customers, increasing reliability and improving profitability.

After-sales services of equipment and parts

ENOVUZ offers an innovative differential element by expanding the capabilities of your company to develop new businesses through the capabilities of real-time monitoring, data analysis and asset management.

Operators, factories and industrial plants

Integrate the ENOVUZ model for asset and data management. Structuring of intelligent maintenance plans. Optimization of productivity and efficient use of equipment. Lower costs.

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